The Casting
The Casting
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Film Title
The Casting
Belyse Ange
Kiruri MFN
Kigali, Rwanda

Confronted with the realities of a broke single mother, Tesi has to enter the casting room not only because it’s her dream but this is also a life changing opportunity.

She is almost the last person on the long queue of people also waiting to be auditioned. She receives continuous calls from a stressful baby-sitter who wants to leave and by the time she finally enters, she is given to interpret a character whose story she somehow relate to.

Overwhelmed by her emotions and thinking about her current situation, she has to make a leap for her dream or embrace her reality.

Director: Belyse Ange

Production: Kiruri MFN

Language: Kinyarwanda

Production country: Rwanda

Status: Development

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